About Us

...Our Journey so far!

Our History

www.GetABox.in is an entity of Plutus Retail Pvt. Ltd.
We had a goal – launch theme/brand based stores, create a Marketplace but ran into some road bumps. We realized that these challenges could be over-whelming for small business owners, Enthusiasts, Hobbyists who may want to launch their own brands but never took the leap becuase of all these technical mumbo-jumbo!
We decided to create GetABox – with one GOAL!
Make it easy to launch your online shop with ALL the FEATURES an eCommerce should offer at a very affordable price!
Starting an online store should NOT be that difficult and trust us, it is not. We, at GetABox have our own themed based stores at www.GloveBOX.in which is based on GetABox’s platform. We offer services to vendors, retailers who have been thinking about starting their own store. It’s time now to take the next step.
We believe estimates for launching an online shop range anywhere from a few tens of thousands to lakhs of rupees plus the anxiety of if you will really get the results after spending a tonne of money. What about technical help, ongoing support and hidden costs for even answering your emails? At GetABox, we take care of all that for a fraction of fraction of a cost. We have our expenses too, but we know what is really required and how much it really costs.
Using the latest in in e-commerce and technology we provide to our customers
  • Wide variety of themed based stores
  • Unlimited space,
  • Unlimited Categories, Products
  • Detailed Product description, reviews and high resolution images
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Integrated Payment Solution
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy Shipping/Logistics/Returns
  • Technical Support

Continued Development!

We continued our development to enable more features and are proud to say that we can continue to provide NEW features to all customers at no additional cost.


This is just the beginning of the year and we so far worked on Social Media and Marketplace Integration. We are also launching our own site with a new look and feel with enhanced plans and options.

Social Media and Marketplace Integration

We now have Social Media store enabled for all our customers, Google product feeds and Amazon integration to allow all our customers to sell on Amazon Marketplace.

We are even working on integrating Flipkart for our customers.


Meet Our Team

Jatin Kikani

A technology buff who believes in keeping it simple and provide effective solutions.

Siddharth Das

A Cricket enthusiast, being a consumer myself, wants to make it simple for others, provide an easy solution that can make a difference.

We love to hear your questions, concerns, or just about anything. Ready to take the leap, start your OWN store?
Please feel free to send us a note to IwantAStore@GetaBox.in

Ready to get started, purchase a theme or give us a call!